What “Salesforce Connections” is, and why you should care

What “Salesforce Connections” is, and why you should care

Tech and marketing go hand in hand. In today’s digital era, you cannot have one without the other. Salesforce is a cloud based computing system that strives to build client-customer relationships through all aspects of tech and marketing. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, but their Atlanta office in Buckhead is hosting an epic conference called Salesforce Connections this year.

Why is it so epic?

Salesforce calls Connections “the digital marketing event of the year.” In my opinion, if a company is claiming their event to be the best of the year, it better be amazing. Just the videos from last year make it look like a conference of people doing work but enjoying a rock concert at the same time. It is a three day event, complete with entertainment each night. During the day, you can pick from over 150 breakout sessions, listen to inspirational speakers that have thrived in digital marketing, and network with like-minded spirits in the heart of Atlanta.

Who are these “inspirational speakers”?

Of course there are speakers that have made a huge success in the digital marketing world, but the one I am most excited about is TheSkimm. For one, the ladies of TheSkimm, an email newsletter on the happenings of the world, will talk about how they graduated college with their fancy degrees only to not know how to get a job. So, they made TheSkimm to educate people on world and national news. They read all the stories and out it into a nice, sometimes sarcastic, newsletter for you to skim. It’s brilliant. Their story is powerful and entertaining–you don’t want to miss these ladies.

Is the band even going to be good?

Stevie Wonder is headlining at the Connections Music Festival. You know you can’t miss this.

I’m new to tech. Will I get anything out of this besides an awesome party?

YES. You will get the most out of it. And meet a lot of people that probably know about some future job openings.

I’m in tech but don’t care about digital marketing.

Lies. Anyone in tech knows that digital marketing is what actually sells your product. (along with other factors…that you can learn about at the conference!)

Help me, I’m poor.

No worries–you don’t have to. All keynote speakers (including theSkimm!) and hands-on training in digital marketing during the Customer Success Expo are completely FREE. Better, if you want to attend the whole conference on your business’ dime, non-profits can go for $750.

*TheSkimm will speak on Thursday, May 12 at 11am.*

What does this have to do with Girl Develop It Atlanta?

Glad you asked. On August 20th, GDI Atlanta is having an “Intro to Mobile App building with Salesforce” workshop to bring your latest genius ideas to life.

Alright, I’m sold. Give me the details!

  • Tickets go on sale at 2pm, Monday, May 9
  • The conference starts on Tuesday, May 10 at 8am
  • The conference ends on Thursday, May 12 at Noon
  • FREE to just see the speakers and go to the Expo
  • All events take place at the Georgia World Congress Center
  • Sign up here: Connections 2016
  • #WhyCNX2016



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