Why you need beginners’ workshops, even when you’re advanced

Why you need beginners’ workshops, even when you’re advanced

“If you come to me with a cup that is already full, how can you expect me to give you something to drink?”-Quote from O’Reilly’s “Apprenticeship Patterns”

You have to empty the cup before you can drink another cup of tea. Same goes with your craft–you have to be open to learning new and different techniques before you can get better. It’s an odd metaphor, I know, but it makes sense.

Girl Develop It strives to help women ages 18 and up learn how to program and make a career change, and also help ladies who have already landed that job to be even better. There is always room for improvement in programming, there is always more to learn and more to do. If you never spend time re-touching the basics, then you are robbing yourself of a greater skill.

Most programmers have spent hours in front of a computer writing code, pushing it to a live website, and that is as far as they go. But what really happens behind all that code? Most people have seen a YouTube video explaining it, but that is not it. There is so much more to understand.

Join us at the Intro to Web Concepts Workshop on Saturday, May 21 from 10am to noon at Strongbox West. Empty your cup, so you can fill it up again! Sign up here.

Also, join us for career advice, weekly challenges, and community building on our group facebook page here.



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