Diary: Intro to Web Concepts Workshop

Diary: Intro to Web Concepts Workshop

Intro to Web Concepts Class, Saturday, May 21 2016 @StrongboxWest, taught by Julie Taylor

This course was perfect for tech recruiters, newbies just getting into code and trying to figure out which direction they want to go in, or experienced techies who have been pretending to know what all the acronyms mean (you KNOW that you do that!)

The morning started out with Sublime Donuts and coffee, sponsored by Payscape Atlanta, and we were set up in a fabulous room at Strongbox West. Thank you!!!!

Then, Julie talked about all the lingo and information that techies pretend to know (like API and CMS and client-side) and what the difference is between all of them. And most importantly, THERE IS NO CLOUD! It’s just someone else’s computer!

Then Julie walked everyone through which programming language looks like what, which jobs fall under front-end development and back-end development, and some design and user research tips.

She ended the talk with career advice, and how to begin a journey into the wonderful world of code.

My favorite piece of advice (paraphrased): You don’t necessarily need a computer science degree. It’s almost unfair to the schools to teach it because technology changes so much, so fast.

Another great piece (paraphrased): Don’t do free labor. After a while, you need to get paid for your work.

Overall, an excellent workshop for EVERYONE-not just beginners.

Our next class is “Intro to HTML & CSS” which is PERFECT for beginners. Now is your chance, coders!

Scholarship information on the link to the Meetup.


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