Diary: Intro to PHP and MySQL

Diary: Intro to PHP and MySQL

The May class, Intro to PHP and MySQL, was taught by the amazing Justin Dominitz. The first two classes were dedicated to learning the programming foundations using PHP. We learned that HTML and PHP play really nice, and that MySQL is the best friend of PHP.

We learned the difference between double quotations and single quotations in PHP. Double quotations interpret the data for us, while single quotations print the line as is.

Justin also talked about his developer “war stories” that he has racked up over the years, with quite a dramatic flare. His war stories include times that the code broke, or wouldn’t link to the database, or someone messed up his code and he didn’t know. All great stories!

The last two classes were dedicated to mastering the MySQL database, and linking it to a website. We learned about the science of creating and analyzing a database based on customer needs, as well as how users can input data without going through our PHPMyAdmin. We played with the data for a coffee website, and altered the data to work for us. We talked in depth about foreign keys, what they are, and how to use them.

Students of this class, you are now alumni, so make sure you join our closed GDI Atlanta Alumni group on Facebook!

HUGE thank you to Justin for teaching, to our fabulous Teaching Assistants, and to Bettercloud for the beautiful space in Buckhead!

Psst. Developers–word on the street is that Bettercloud is hiring! Give it a shot!

If you liked the PHP class, you are going to LOVE the Intro to Git + Github and Intro to Command Line back to back workshops on Saturday, June 11. Can’t wait to see you there!

All these acronyms making your head spin? Then jump into the first tech language everyone learns--HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)– next month with us! It’s time to take control of your education!


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