Meet Natasha: On Being a Ravenclaw (and learning to code)

Meet Natasha: On Being a Ravenclaw (and learning to code)

We are so excited to interview our Intro to HTML & CSS  teacher, Natasha Murphy, on her story. (And she is a Ravenclaw, so she MUST be awesome!)


GDI Atlanta: What’s your “learn to code” story?

Natasha: I typed my first lines of code in a Gender and Computing class during my second year of college at the University of Georgia in the year 2000 (before CSS even existed!) The main focus of the class was to study the relationship between the application/use of technology and gender relations. There was a computer lab component taught through the computer science department and I just totally fell in love. I built my first websites from the ground up using framesets! I wish the Women’s Studies department still taught this course… sadly it was discontinued some time ago

GDI Atlanta: Why do you like to teach for GDI?
Natasha: Teaching for GDI is super empowering because I believe a coding education shouldn’t be super expensive. GDI also has a great community! The organizers, instructors, and volunteers are all there because they’re excited about coding — it’s contagious.  
GDI: Who is your favorite female role model? Why?
Natasha: Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre/ Bikini Kill fame. 
GDI: What house would you be sorted into in “Harry Potter” and why?
Natasha: Ravenclaw. Because I’m raven-headed and embody a lot of the house’s traits! 
Find Natasha on the Web, check out her awesome sites below! I personally really like her domain hack of “” Follow her, like her, or challenge her on never winning the House cup at Hogwarts!
Think Natasha is cool? Then you do not want to miss her Intro to HTML & CSS class with us! This is a 4 part class taking place on Tuesdays & Thursdays: Tuesday June 7th, Thursday June 9th, Tuesday June 14th, and Thursday June 16th from 7:00PM – 9:00PM each day. Please register on Meetup to secure your spot.

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