Why HTML & CSS are not just for tech careers

Why HTML & CSS are not just for tech careers

1,302 million people in the world speak Chinese, ranking as the #1 spoken language of the world. Spanish comes in second at 402 million speakers, and English ranks 3rd with 339 million speakers according to Ethnologue. So how do you decide which language to learn?

If you are learning in order to communicate with lots of people, you don’t need a human language–you need HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

Before you stop reading, stop and think for a minute. How many times have you checked your phone in the past ten minutes? How many times a day do you get onto a website, even just for a second? What language does your phone speak? All of them? So how does it speak ALL the languages?

Where am I going with this? You need to learn how to speak computer. In 5 years, knowing a programming language will be the new “glass ceiling” in employment qualifications. So keep learning Italian, but jump on the tech bandwagon, and you will learn how to communicate with a truly globalized world.

I am not saying that by the end of a Girl Develop It course that you will be fluent in HTML and CSS–of course not–you will need to keep working toward learning on your own. Just like a human language. We are here to give you the tools and foundation in order start your language learning journey in an affordable, judgement-free environment. And the GDI Atlanta community is the coolest group of ladies I know, so you can sit with us.

HTML is the only language you absolutely need to build a website. Founded in order to organize research, the language became standard for computers. Cascading Style Sheets, a.k.a. CSS, is HTML’s best friend, making it look pretty. Don’t you think that it’s time to learn the languages that play the biggest role in your life?

We have an Intro to HTML&CSS class starting June 7th and a Beyond the Basics of HTML&CSS starting June 21. These non-immersive, affordable classes will give you the tools to start your journey into learning how to speak computer. Join us!


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