Tech Term: DNS

Tech Term: DNS

Last week was IP Address, which is important to know for this week’s term: Domain Name Server (DNS). The domain name server is “a directory of names that translate to IP Addresses.” So, if the IP Address is the phone number of your device, the DNS is the phone book. #TechTermTuesdayDNS

It’s important to know that “domain” is the name of the site that comes after the “http” part in your search bar at the top of your screen (the URL). The domain is translated into that title from an IP address through a domain name server.

So why can’t the domain URL just be the IP address? Well, imagine trying to remember “2601:c9:c679:f7e0:9de9:b417:4g3:41g7” every time you wanted to get to a website. As our chapter leader, Julie Taylor, puts it: “No one even remembers phone numbers anymore, why would we learn all those numbers for a website?” (If you missed the Web Concepts Workshop, it was great! Learn more here.)

So the DNS works just like a phonebook–you look up the name of a URL and it gives you a long string of numbers that are it’s IP Address!

Want more tech knowledge? Join us for our Intro to HTML and CSS class starting tonight or if you already know a little, jump into our Beyond the Basics HTML and CSS class starting June 21! Or if you really just want to know a little more, join us for Code + Coffee next Monday!


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