Esther: On Writing and having super powers

Esther: On Writing and having super powers

Esther Leebanjo

Esther is the volunteer class organizer for Girl Develop It Atlanta. She writes, reads, and loves to learn about tech. Find out more about her here.

GDI ATL: Why did you want to start learning tech?

Esther: I wanted to stop feeling intimidated by tech and digital skills, but I also wanted to learn how to better serve the communities and causes I care about most.

GDI ATL: What do you enjoy most about volunteering/being involved with GDI?

Esther: Interacting and collaborating with the amazing GDI team, students, and instructors.
GDI ATL: If you could take 2 books (no more!) on Girl Develop It island island, what would they be?

Esther: Oh, shoot. You’re asking a writer the most tortuous question! Probably a novel by Marguerite Duras and a very, very large anthology of poetry or fiction (a way to cheat and enjoy several writers’ works on the island).

GDI ATL:  Who is your favorite female role model? Why?

Esther:  Brave, innovative women are incredibly inspiring! One example is Mariana Costa Checa, co-founder of Laboratoria (, which teaches coding to low-income women in South America.
GDI ATL: What superhero do you love? Why?

Esther: I tend to root for the underdog, so superheros that are under the radar in some way and, in spite of the odds, manage to accomplish great things. One example for me are the folks involved in this non-profit, Richmond Cycling Corp, that helps at-risk youth learn how to mountain bike and gain confidence and skills to persevere and succeed. Reading about these incredible kids and their accomplishments is amazing. A tear jerker and very inspiring!

GDI ATL: What is your “Clark Kent” day job when you aren’t volunteering or learning to develop?

Esther: Currently contributing this summer as a web development intern for Basecamp.
GDI ATL: Where would you go if you could go anywhere fictional?

Esther: It’s been fictional to me until now, but out onto the ocean by boat. My husband and I are going to start learning how to sail later this year.

GDI ATL: What are you most excited about in your life (work included!) this year?

Esther: To see how my growing skillset and knowledge in tech can actually help empower others and offer more flexibility in my life so I can also continue to cultivate my writing life.

My portfolio site is being re-developed, but my blog is located here:


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