Meet: Julie Taylor, Chapter Leader and Problem Solver

Meet: Julie Taylor, Chapter Leader and Problem Solver

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    • What’s your Girl Develop It story? (you can start from the beginning or from now)

      I started working with computers when I was in elementary school. My dad was a computer hobbyist (which he turned into a career) and I learned right along side of him. In 1997, I combined my love of art and design with my knowledge of computers and starting creating websites. As the web grew into an industry I was able to leverage my hobby into a career and haven’t slowed down since. After so many years of pushing forward, I felt a need to give back to others. In January 2015 I was asked to TA a Girl Develop It class and found an organization and mission that answered my desire of community involvement.

    • Why do you code? 

      Coding is frustrating and rewarding in equal parts but I really enjoy solving problems. Launching a website or feature that provides value to people is pretty awesome. Plus, working in technology has allowed me to have a career that is boundless, flexible, and lucrative.

    • If you could take 3 books (no more!) on Girl Develop It island, what would they be?

      Dune, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. Not very technical but great entertainment.

    • Who is your favorite female role model? Why?

      My Grandmother, Mary Moriarty. She was wonderful, full of great advice and laughter, and also tough as nails. She taught me about hard work, joy, and generosity. Also, my Mom, Laura Taylor, there was no one kinder or more loving. Both of these incredible women gave generously even after surviving ridiculous hardships. 

    • What are you most excited about in GDI this year?

      This is our second year in Atlanta and we have recruited some amazing volunteers to increase our community involvement. I’m excited to see GDI grow in a city that continues to explode with tech talent.

    • What are you most excited about in your life (work included!) this year?

      That I have no idea what will happen next, but I’m ready for the next chapter of this adventure.

    • Links to Julie’s sites:

Julie has taught numerous classes and workshops including the Intro to Web Concepts class and attends all the classes as chapter leader, and usually helps teach. She is a phenomenal teacher, techie, and person. Don’t miss a chance to learn from her–she is teaching Beyond the Basics: Intermediate HTML and CSS next week! Register now!


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