Tech Term: JavaScript

Tech Term: JavaScript

JavaScript–one of the most popular programming languages out there, and usually the one that people jump into after HTML and CSS. There are loads of resources out there about why you should learn JavaScript and how to start. The thing is, you can’t avoid it! If you  have been using a web browser, you have been using JavaScript. If you click a button, that’s usually JavaScript.
MythBuster: JavaScript has NOTHING to do with Java, the back end programming language, or Script, the fancy font you can find in Google.
We at Girl Develop It, are firm believers that in order to understand something, you have to do it–so take a look around at some of our favorite JavaScript resources and strengthen those coding muscles! If you like it and want more, our Intro to JavaScript class begins Thursday, July 14 at 7pm.
JavaScript Resources:
Jennifer Mann’s Blog : An excellent low down on the free and some paid JavaScript online courses out there
JavaScript Jabber : A GREAT podcast that addresses everything JavaScript and newbie programming
CodeCademy JavaScript: A free online learning platform for various languages
Girl Develop It Intro to JavaScript : An excellent in person course with access to the material at all times, that provides support and guidance for a short class

  1. an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.

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