Intro to JavaScript

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages of the web. It can do everything from make your website pretty and interactive, to storing data on the back end. It is the next language to learn in the natural progression of learning web languages, starting with HTML & CSS.

This summer was a crazy one, starting with Intro to HTML & CSS class at the beginning of June, followed by Beyond the Basics: Intermediate HTML & CSS, and then finally in July we had our Intro to JavaScript class.

We love our community so much. And we want to give a shout out to the three students who started wth Intro to HTML &CSS in June, followed through with the Intermediate class, and are now finishing up the Intro to JavaScript class–way to go Kyla, Charity, and Santina! You ladies ROCK! Keep up the nice work!

Our Intro to JavaScript class was hosted at the fabulous eHire Atlanta office (we love love LOVE them! Thanks Cynthia and Amanda) and was taught by the fabulous chapter co-leader Jennifer Mann. The material is open source, and you can find it here if you want to give it a go. We also had an amazing Code + Coffee where some ladies wrote their first line of code!

Check out some pictures from the Intro to JavaScript class.


Have your own pictures? Find us on Instagram @ GDI Atlanta to submit your favorite #gdiclasses photos! (or #gdiatl)


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