Tech Term: Salesforce

Tech Term: Salesforce


With our one day Salesforce Into to Mobile App building class this Saturday, it is the only tech term that seems right! Salesforce is “the #1 CRM in the country” serving small businesses and large corporations. The company uses a cloud based app that lets business owners track what is important to them in a unique app. Salesforce is a MASSIVE company that dominates the app industry (and probably powers your favorite stores on the tech end!)

Learning Salesforce is highly valuable to employers and business owners. This Saturday is your chance!

Tech Term: MEAN stack

Tech Term: MEAN stack


You hear lots of terms thrown around in the tech world, and the abbreviations get me every time! MEAN is the JavaScript “stack” meaning that you use the four technologies (M.E.A.N) to create your web app.

M stands for MongoDB.

E stands for Express.js

A stands for Angular.js

N stands for Node.js

**Thanks to Jennifer Bland and Women Who Code Atlanta for the inspiration for this week’s tech term. The Node.js workshop was amazing!**


Tech Term: Typeface

Tech Term: Typeface

Fun fact: in an actual printing shop, the Miniscule letters (or lowercase) were stored underneath the large letters in a big box, taking the words “uppercase” and “lowercase” to a whole new level like this:

Typeface modeled calligraphy but unlike calligraphy, they are not handwritten–they are manufactured for exact repetition on the page or screen, thus Typeface is for the screen!

*Facts taken from Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton*

Tech Term: Party

Tech Term: Party

You're invited

Okay, so it’s not really a tech term, but it is a term! We don’t mean the political kind, either 😉

PARTY: NOUN. ; a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.

We are so excited to finally announce our two year anniversary party tickets are now on sale! Come hang out with all your favorite techies and enjoy cake, drinks, beer, food and an evening of inspiration! We want to see everyone there!

Here is the low down: If you have taken a GDI class and you have a success story, or just a story of how GDI changed your life, we want to invite you to do a short toast at the party. This would be an inspiration to fellow GDI members, and a reminder of why non-profit education groups like this one are important. If you volunteer to give a speech/toast, then you get in for free. Email us at for more details on parameters.

Early bird tickets are on sale now for $10 and will go up after September 1st. Get them at a low cost while you can!

We are also always looking for sponsors. We wouldn’t survive without our fabulous sponsors, and we are always looking for more. If your company would like to sponsor any part of the GDI Party, we are open to it!

You’re invited to an amazing party and we want to see you there. Grab your tech bestie and join us!

Tech Term: SASS

Tech Term: SASS

#TechTermTuesday (1)

Let’s get SASSY! SASS stands for “Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets” and is a language for making your website pretty.

But wait–what about CSS? The original Cascading StyleSheets? YES–you are thinking in good terms. SASS is similar to CSS but even cooler. In CSS, you can style classes and ids, but in SASS, you can do even more. You can make a variable for “standard border” and then in your class styles, just write “standard border” and BAM it looks the way you want it to.

Keep it SASSy, Tuesday readers.

When you are building out a website and you have no content, the default text to fill space is Lorem Ipsum. This dummy language has been the standard filler text for publishing and print since the 1500’s. Its origins stem from Latin, dating all the way back to some lines of Cicero.

Instead of “content here, placeholder here,” publishers want a dummy text that looks more like actual, readable English. “Lorem Ipsum” goes on for paragraphs, making it look like actual words.


The coolest part about Lorem Ipsum is that even though it was born in the 1500’s at the start of printing, we still use it today–and we use it on the web! This dummy language has lasted longer than several real languages, and its transition to the web has been absolutely impressive.


But with something this old, and something that gets used this often, web designers were starting to get bored. They wanted more. They wanted their dummy text to have personality. Check out these funny alternatives to your 1500’s Lorem Ipsum and when to use them:

1)Cupcake Ipsum: This one is for those with a sweet tooth! With the tagline “sugar-coated lorem ipsum generator,” don’t use this on an empty stomach. The site gives you options for short, medium, or long text, and you can opt to have it begin with “cupcake ipsum” or let it randomly generate. The text is just a bunch of candy names, making it fun and sweet.


When to use it: When you need a pick-me-up.



      2) Bacon Ipsum: This lorem ipsum generator is NOT kosher, but it does deliver some pretty hearty dummy text. You can choose between “All Meat,” which will give you literally all the meat names that you can imagine in your text, or “Meat and filler” which is meat words with some regular lorem ipsum thrown in.

When to use it: When you need to tick off your Jewish mother-in-law.


3) Hipster Ipsum: We are in the 21st century, and nothing gets by without taking a stab at hipsters (especially lorem ipsum, which is too mainstream). This laid-back text generator has a button labeled “Beer me!” and it generates all the buzzwords of the cool kids that you find in West Midtown.

When to use it: When you are feeling extra misunderstood.


4) Cat Ipsum: This “furrier lorem ipsum generator” truly understands the life of cat owners. With lines like “This human feeds me, i should be a god when in doubt, wash and intently stare at the same spot,” this generator is more of a hilarious rendition of a cat’s thoughts than a simple dummy text placeholder.

When to use it: If you have a cat, you should use this all the time. If you don’t have a cat…you won’t get it.


5) Zombie Ipsum: This undead lorem ipsum generator is truly a work of art. It is mostly non-sensical words, but if you look closely, they are actual words like “mindless creatures” made to look like latin words like “mindeless creaturas.” The generator is fine, but the artwork on the generator is really spectacular.

When to use it: Halloween and during the Zombie apocalypse.
Happy typing!

Intro to JavaScript

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages of the web. It can do everything from make your website pretty and interactive, to storing data on the back end. It is the next language to learn in the natural progression of learning web languages, starting with HTML & CSS.

This summer was a crazy one, starting with Intro to HTML & CSS class at the beginning of June, followed by Beyond the Basics: Intermediate HTML & CSS, and then finally in July we had our Intro to JavaScript class.

We love our community so much. And we want to give a shout out to the three students who started wth Intro to HTML &CSS in June, followed through with the Intermediate class, and are now finishing up the Intro to JavaScript class–way to go Kyla, Charity, and Santina! You ladies ROCK! Keep up the nice work!

Our Intro to JavaScript class was hosted at the fabulous eHire Atlanta office (we love love LOVE them! Thanks Cynthia and Amanda) and was taught by the fabulous chapter co-leader Jennifer Mann. The material is open source, and you can find it here if you want to give it a go. We also had an amazing Code + Coffee where some ladies wrote their first line of code!

Check out some pictures from the Intro to JavaScript class.


Have your own pictures? Find us on Instagram @ GDI Atlanta to submit your favorite #gdiclasses photos! (or #gdiatl)

Girl Develop It Anniversary Party

Girl Develop It Anniversary Party


We are ready to celebrate our 4 year anniversary of empowering women in the tech world!

Currently, we are looking for a location and sponsors. Then we will open it up for individual tickets–so save the date! Thursday September 22 we will have a classy #gdipartyyy.

Have a nice location? We are looking for a private venue, preferably donated, that can accommodate about 150 people. In return, we have your logo on our site for 6 months and loads of other perks.

We are using this party as a fundraiser. We need sponsorships–and we have loads of levels! Contact us at to see what we can do.

Tech Term: CMS

Tech Term: CMS


Throwing an acronym in there now! This week’s #techterm is CMS which stands for Content Management System. I know what you’re thinking–“content management system..that doesn’t sound techy!” But wait…there’s more.

Content management systems are simple (or complex!) frameworks that you can build a blog on. Think about it–you have your content, and you need a system to manage it all! If you are nervous about learning how to program, I highly suggest trying out a Content Management System (CMS) to get used to a program. Some of the free and more famous CMSs include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Weebly
  • Wix

My personal favorite is WordPress. It is free to download and play with, and incredibly user friendly. Plus, the tech world is in high need of WordPress Developers, so why not dip your toes into that skillset?!

Happy Tuesday, techies. Keep blogging and practicing, and don’t forget about our next class: Intro to Programming with Ruby in October!